Friday, 1 April 2011

Just head North surely?

The first problem that I had to solve was how I am going to get myself from Land's End up to John O'Groats avoiding the really busy stretches of road and the really massive hills but not adding lots of extra miles which taking more minor roads invariably means.

After further forum chats and blog checks, I have planned a route that ticks 2 of my 3 wishes (sadly there isn't a flat route up through the country!) I used to plan all of my routes. Although you would think there are only a certain number of possible routes (as I did in the hope of borrowing someone else's) when you get down to planning things, it becomes a very personal choice. By looking at different roads on Google Streetview you can work out which roads should be avoided and which look more welcoming. There might also be 2 roads to the same point but the gradients may be quite different, again, helping decide which way I wanted to go (not the steep way!)

Anyway, after lots of fettling, here are my 10 days of pain for all to see:

Day 1 (31st Aug)
Day 2 (1st Sep)
Day 3 (2nd Sep)
Day 4 (3rd Sep)
Day 5 (4th Sep)
Day 6 (5th Sep)
Day 7 (6th Sep)
Day 8 (7th Sep)
Day 9 (8th Sep)
Day 10 (9th Sep)

If anyone would like to join me for any of the trip, I would love the company! I already have one willing uncle who will hopefully be joining me on days 4 and/or 5 (there, its down in black and white, no backing out now!)

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