Thursday, 5 April 2012

New Addition

Here is my new baby! It's a Peugeot PH8M from around 1980-83 (anyone have any ideas?).

Every now and again, Ebay comes up trumps and I found this being sold by a chap who wanted a winter hack but when he picked this up realised this was too nice and so sold it on to me after replacing the tubes and regreasing various parts!

As you can see, it is virtually mint, with only a slight amount of pitting on the chrome rims. I'm aware that in it's time, this model was pretty low spec but I'm loathed to modify such a lovely machine!

The bike came with an ancient saddlebag full of old bits including a huge Sanyo speedo (21 miles on the clock) one of those continental horseshoe wheel locks and a rusty old bell that has polished up quite well after rubbing with some tin foil and then T Cut.

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