Sunday, 18 September 2011

Day 1 Land’s End, Cornwall- Burnard’s House, Devon

I slept well considering the very squeaky metal-framed bunk bed. I was the only one in the room so I dare say that sleeping would have been much harder if there were three others in there.
After a breakfast of Weetabix and toast, I packed up my kit and coasted down the road to Land’s End. I realised when I got there that the tailwind that had blown me West was now going to be against me all day! 

I was surprised to have the place to myself apart from one lonely runner who took a photo of me at the start. I had a short wander round but thought I should better get going so at 8:30am I set off. 

Immediately I know the wind was going to be a factor today. It was always going to be a tough day with the constant hills, but the wind just sapped that little bit more energy from my legs.
My first stop was in Cambourne at about 25 miles in and then again in Redruth at 30 miles. By this point I was already pretty tired. The hills had indeed been constant (and steep), even on the gentle descents I had to pedal to keep moving let alone accelerate.
I stopped for lunch just West of Wadebridge on the A39 at the Halfway House pub. I had a big plate of chilli and rice and two pints of Coke. I was over halfway by this point which helped mentally and would be something I would try and do each day.

After Wadebridge, the hills became a little gentler which meant I could enjoy the nice roads and scenery a little more. Although I was on fairly main roads during the afternoon, they were wide and smooth and I didn’t feel threatened by traffic at all.
From Camelford, the hills returned and the last fifteen miles of the day from Poundstock onwards were on much smaller roads and they were really steep. I passed into Devon soon after which gave me a boost but my quads were close to cramping up on those final few ascents. 

I finally arrived at Oak Tree Farm B&B just after 4pm. I was the only guest as the owners were flying to America the following day.
After tea, biscuits and a shower, I walked to the closest pub, which was about a mile away, along the main road. I had steak pie at the Rydon Inn and managed to splash gravy down one of only 2 t-shirts I had!
92 miles, 5 hours 55 minutes, average 15.53 mph, 6358ft of ascent

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